Q: How do I keep updated on your creations? Can you IM me when you release that?
A: It's easier for us to update people about our new releases through our official group, and subscriber, the blog or online communities such as Flickr, Twitter, Facebook and Google.

ABOUT REFUNDS, mistakes, missed deliveries, and penguins:

All sales are final, However- things happen, "things" go awry sometimes and everything is negotiable. All inquiries must be sent via IM to the maker of the item.We do get offline emails when you im us. You may drop the NC on us, but we can not guarantee that the inventory gremlins won't eat them. We do have a mailbox inworld at our shops and it's check it once a week.Please place the following in the title on your notecard: Issue – Customer Service. Be sure to add your SL name, your inquiry & the name of the item and transaction info.

Q: I purchased your product and it didn't get delivered. Can you resend it?
A: Yes of course. We accept requests up to  78 hours after a purchase happens, please send a IM with transaction details to  the creator you purchased from.

Q: I purchased the same product twice with the same avatar by mistake, may I have a refund?

A: Yes of course, please send an IM with both transaction details to the creator you purchased from.

Q: Do you have gift cards?

A: Yes,  some of us do-you may purchase them in our main shop through a vendor or through our marketplace.Gift cards are also rechargeable.

Q: Do you redeliver?

A:Yes, however, No Copy items are not eligible for redelivery unless something went seriously wrong with the item.
We will replace a broken item, but you'll need to show us so we can take photos and put in the -SL borked this!-  Hall of infamy. 

ABOUT CUSTOMS, collaborations, and ideas

Q: Do you accept custom works, commissions?
A:Yes! We love a challenge! BUT-  please  do not ask us to make an item that’s already being done in world by another creator, we'll just send you to them. We will not copy another artists work...ever... 

Q: I will pay you gazillions of peso's, dollars, euro's, cookies? You can resell it after, pleeeeease do this?

A; No, you bugging us will only make us more sure regarding that decision and might result in you getting muted.

Q: May I have the texture/mesh/item you made full perm?

A;No. (See additional copyright statement below)

Q: I have this really nice idea, would you like to hear it?

Sure!. But please also consider the following things: We probably have already dozens of projects that we are working on in all lives. We will never recreate copyrighted material, though, we might get inspired by a lot of things but we will add our own style and artistic license to whatever you come up with.

ABOUT MARKETS, malls, affiliates, hunts, sponsoring and bloggers

Q: Do you rent in markets, malls and/or clubs?

A;Most of us don't rent at markets,malls or clubs. Many of us have affiliate vendors if you would like to offer our items in your own sim and earn a 10-20% commission on everything you sell- they are free and include a sign and group joiner! 

Q: Do you participate in Hunts? Sponsor events? Sponsor fashion shows?

A; Depends on if the theme fits what we create, and we have time on our schedules, 
Please drop an NC in our mail box ( not on us) with a brief explanation and deadline.

Q: Do you have affiliate vendors?

A: Yes, some of us do! Vendors are free to buy at the shop's  free section/vendors.

Click here for information regarding Caspervend systems affiliate vendors.

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