Tuesday, June 14, 2016

How to Help, Today, Tomorrow, Forever

Ynys Seamaide and Building Daydreams has always been a proud supporter of the LGBT+ community, and our hearts go out to the victims and those affected by this tragedy.
Casper Tech has been kind enough to script linked donation kiosks similar to the ones used in RFL
We have one in our welcome area-
100% will be donated to Equality Florida and the Pulse Victims Fund. because Linden Labs is waving all transaction fees!
Your contribution would be very much appreciated: 
What else can you do ?
Huffington Post has some great suggestions:
In Service

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Final Outcome of the Castle Home and Garden Contest

Just so those of you paying attention know- final outcome for the RFL Castle home and Garden Contest. RFL OF SL TEAM: BattleBeasts For A Cure #114 ( Sponsor Battle (battlebeast), Team Captain Basona.Melody Assistant Nemo Lockjaw - Primary Builders Louen Couer, AineMari Flanagan, Builders Assistants- Bebe ( Couer) Boyd, Vasa Vella- Hostess with the Mostess and cheerleader Elayne Diavolo) got popular vote and a award of 50,000 Linden added to our Kiosk making the team total $336,433 Linden which is USD$1,346 in real money- not bad for our first time out and the first year as a team, Our Build also hit the highest Auction price! Congratulations to Shanarra Blackheart, the new owner of this one of a kind garden!
More Importantly: We got a lot of positive feedback regarding the quest, how fun and educational it was. How much people learned and wanted to know more about celtic culture and the American Cancer Society!
So many kind words about how people felt lingering in this virtual space, and how it made them truly feel like they were in a place of calm and healing.
This is why I build in virtual worlds and this is why I relay


Sponsored by http://battlebeastbreedables.com

Builders shops:
Building Daydreams- AineMari Flanagan
The Jolly Tinker - Louen Couer
Satyr's Moon- Vasa Vella