Tuesday, November 15, 2016

New Sim= New Attitude

Almost done with the Seamaide Rebuild, roleplay is OPEN, it's taken weeks to get the sim done but it's been a wonderful experience! 
Look for new items being released as a result . 
Come by and check it out!
 Yours creatively

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Happy Anniversary Fallen Gods INC.!

It's a big deal when a merchant last this long in Second life,  not many do for various reasons, Alia Baroque makes amazing things, and is an amazing person in and out of SL. He works tirelessly for  Relay for life, donations, expertise, building things, sponsoring events and sims,  and a whole lot of time and effort - I am proud to say:  I admire him, and want to be him when I finally buckle down and  focus.
His tireless encouragement for  other creators is why I an very proud to call him my friend . He is my Tom Sawyer who convinces me that white washing the fence would be a fun thing, and usually he is right! I wouldn't have it any other way! So Happy Anniversary my friend!
Here's the link  to All the Important INFO

I've made a hunt Item that is yours for free for completing the amazing hunt  he has in store for you,

 In honor of my friend , a little garden feature called "Making Friends, " with a fierce Troll trying his best to befriend a little bird.
 Low Land Impact and mesh made with  bird calls and glowies that float  in the air to lend that feeling of magic, discounted and only available at this event.

Don't Quit your Day Dream!


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

How to Help, Today, Tomorrow, Forever

Ynys Seamaide and Building Daydreams has always been a proud supporter of the LGBT+ community, and our hearts go out to the victims and those affected by this tragedy.
Casper Tech has been kind enough to script linked donation kiosks similar to the ones used in RFL
We have one in our welcome area-
100% will be donated to Equality Florida and the Pulse Victims Fund. because Linden Labs is waving all transaction fees!
Your contribution would be very much appreciated: 
What else can you do ?
Huffington Post has some great suggestions:
In Service

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Final Outcome of the Castle Home and Garden Contest

Just so those of you paying attention know- final outcome for the RFL Castle home and Garden Contest. RFL OF SL TEAM: BattleBeasts For A Cure #114 ( Sponsor Battle (battlebeast), Team Captain Basona.Melody Assistant Nemo Lockjaw - Primary Builders Louen Couer, AineMari Flanagan, Builders Assistants- Bebe ( Couer) Boyd, Vasa Vella- Hostess with the Mostess and cheerleader Elayne Diavolo) got popular vote and a award of 50,000 Linden added to our Kiosk making the team total $336,433 Linden which is USD$1,346 in real money- not bad for our first time out and the first year as a team, Our Build also hit the highest Auction price! Congratulations to Shanarra Blackheart, the new owner of this one of a kind garden!
More Importantly: We got a lot of positive feedback regarding the quest, how fun and educational it was. How much people learned and wanted to know more about celtic culture and the American Cancer Society!
So many kind words about how people felt lingering in this virtual space, and how it made them truly feel like they were in a place of calm and healing.
This is why I build in virtual worlds and this is why I relay


Sponsored by http://battlebeastbreedables.com

Builders shops:
Building Daydreams- AineMari Flanagan
The Jolly Tinker - Louen Couer
Satyr's Moon- Vasa Vella

Friday, May 13, 2016

RFL Battle Dragon Castle and Garden Giveaways

These are a few of the Quest items I have been working on today- Yesterday the Sword is Original Mesh ( thanks Vasa!), not a prefab and texture work by yours truly! All textures are hand drawn and original, nothing like these in Sl except here! Louen Coure is kind enough to contribute the scripting for Sword and shield (because I couldn't find mine till later!- Thanks Fenn!)
These are a hint of things to come in our Garden build, and only available at the 3rd Annual Castle, Home and Garden Contest for RFL.

Excited to be working with Dragon Realm, Battle Beast Breedables and  Louen Couer on this garden! Ynys Seamaide will be a coconspirator! We are basing it on the four fire festivals marked the turning of the seasons. You'll be able to find this in Holiday World AND This one of a kind build will be auctioned off to some lucky owner afterwards!
The Castle, Home and Garden Contest is a virtual competition which takes place annually in the virtual metaverse Second Life. Contestants from all over Second Life use the building tools provided within SL to build their own castles, homes or gardens. The builds are displayed over a set of days, wherein both a set of impartial judges and the public at large can vote for their favourite castles. All proceeds from the Castle, Home and Garden Contest go towards Relay for Life of Second Life, a charity organisation supporting the American Cancer Society.
During the contest, many events take place. DJs and live musicians, small timed building contests, and shopping are all a major part of the event. All proceeds go towards RFL of SL .
( I am Djing Live on May 29th Victorian London Castle build 3-5 pm Slt)
The contest is a Multi-Team event. This means that it is comprised of multiple Relay For Life Teams, and no one specific team benefits from the donations.
Last year the Castle, Home and Garden Contest collectively raised over 1,450,000 Linden Dollars for the American Cancer Society, which is roughly equivalent to $6000 USD, £3800 GBP or €5400 EURO.
More Info here:

Thursday, April 14, 2016

New Releases! Peas, Poop,Cucumbers and other things!

Coming soon From Building DayDreams!
Oven Add-ons for more food!
Potion and Poison add-ons!
annnnddd Yes FINALLY- Fruit Trees! Plums, Pears, Apples and Oranges!
( the poop is important!)
to be released at;
Relay for Life Fantasy Faire April 23rd- May 1st
Look for my Shop in the Golden Delta-Sim