Saturday, August 12, 2017

Exciting changes

- Fantastic Dreams and Where To Find Them! -
Five builders unite to bring customers dreams, magic, and whimsy.
Explore the world of ~A Fantasy Creators Cooperative~ at Ynys Seamaide
Building Daydreams, By AineMari Flanagan
 Jolly Tinker, By LouenCouer
Satyr's Moon, By Vasa Vella
 Story Collectors, By Morgen Bookmite
  Wolf and Raven , By AineMari Flanagan and LouenCouer
You can now shop 5 stores offering a variety of Fantasy goods.
 Homes to gardens to Avatar accessories to furniture! 
One Landmark, one group, 5 Amazing shops.
Found here in Ynys Seamaide Roleplay
Grand Opening  September  30th 2017