Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Fallen Gods Inc. 10th Anniversary

We are participating in the Timeless Hunt for Fallen Gods Inc- Alia Baroque, from the 1st of October till the 31st, is a HUD driven Grid-wide hunt with a rich treasure room at the end. On this page you can find all gift previews, hints and how to play.
As a tribute to the artists participating to the Fallen Gods Inc. Decennial the Hunt takes you through regions and stores to explore, with a wish of a fun and interesting journey and satisfactory loot at the end.Good hunting!
1) Get the Hunt HUD either from Fallen Gods Inc. group notices (~Fallen Gods Inc. 10th~ Source of Future Memories) or from Selidor, for example here: <one sample location for the lazy or the laggy>
2) Wear the HUD. Teleport when the map pops up.
3) Find hourglass. Click it. Teleport when the HUD offers it. Find the next hourglass.
4) After many hourglasses you'll find yourself in the Prize Room where you'll get ALL THE PRIZES! Yey!
Also we have special items at a discount in the Fallen Gods Market Join us for a month long Celebration including parties, live shows, performances, contests, chance games where you can win a complete avatar, gifts, a market featuring dozens of outstanding SL creators.
Fallen Gods Inc. 10th Anniversary runs through the whole month of October but the second week of the month is dedicated specifically to the Events Festival with a busy schedule. We hope you can join us to celebrate together those 10 years of Second Life friendship, community and imagination.
LINK To Events  and SLURL's