Saturday, October 1, 2016

Happy Anniversary Fallen Gods INC.!

It's a big deal when a merchant last this long in Second life,  not many do for various reasons, Alia Baroque makes amazing things, and is an amazing person in and out of SL. He works tirelessly for  Relay for life, donations, expertise, building things, sponsoring events and sims,  and a whole lot of time and effort - I am proud to say:  I admire him, and want to be him when I finally buckle down and  focus.
His tireless encouragement for  other creators is why I an very proud to call him my friend . He is my Tom Sawyer who convinces me that white washing the fence would be a fun thing, and usually he is right! I wouldn't have it any other way! So Happy Anniversary my friend!
Here's the link  to All the Important INFO

I've made a hunt Item that is yours for free for completing the amazing hunt  he has in store for you,

 In honor of my friend , a little garden feature called "Making Friends, " with a fierce Troll trying his best to befriend a little bird.
 Low Land Impact and mesh made with  bird calls and glowies that float  in the air to lend that feeling of magic, discounted and only available at this event.

Don't Quit your Day Dream!