Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Second Life Birthday 2010

Surprise! I  was given the plot to build a display for the 10th SL birthday party on Monday! 1024x1024 plot  269 or so prims....this is me breaking the 200 prim mark still have a few things left to do..but My theme  is " Second Life Fantasy Roleplay" 10 years of " Once upon a time." 

Seemed fitting given that My friend Morgen Rich  just released a book  that is very loosely based on Fantasy Roleplay, 
I spoke to my friend Summer  who is now a professional poet and she's published a book of poems, some of which had their foundation in role-play! 
There are a number of  writers and writers groups in SL, and role-play seems to inspire many of them.  
Pretty cool if  you think about it.. Anyway Birthday Celebration, everything you need to know about it can be found here on their website.

Come visit  my birthday build once the celebration starts for some unique gifts just for the party.
AND grab a bear while you're at it - such fun!  Link to Marketplace Birthday goodies.

And finally a preview, I would love some feedback if you feel like it