Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Fantasy Faire 2013

Almost ready and here's a hint of what's to come. I took  my inspiration from Villa d'Este. Piazza Trento, outside of Rome.

Nearly 500 years of myth and history have done nothing to dull the magic and mystery of the famed Tivoli water-and-wind garden, a haven for princes and lovers, and in my humble opinion, the most beautiful villa in all of Italy.
If you've ever been there in real life- the garden, like many other forms of art,was created to encourage exploration, stimulate imagination, and elicit surprise.

It is with this in mind and the theme for Alia Baroque's sim Magnificat "a summer palace and gardens for a week of divertissement  plays, games and leisure to Celebrate Life and Magnify our Souls" that I created this back drop for our shop.

Please stop by and say hello  when you visit the fair!